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5 Fun Things for Gamers To Do (That Don’t Involve Video Games)

The summer is always a little tough on me. See, when I was a kid my parents (and thankfully so) went out of their way to steer me clear of electronic amusement and play outside, a view that these days gets CPS called on you. Now I’m glad my parents made me get up and go play. In all honesty, those days I spent outside falling out of trees and into blackberry brambles are some of my favorites, but today it leaves me with a bit of a quandary. I, like a fair few of you, am a gamer, and as much as I REALLY want to be outside, direct sun isn’t very conducive to several gaming prerequisites, such as being able to see the screen. Even most handhelds turn into little more then expensive mirrors emanating the terrible death throes of your character, unseen beneath the reflective sheen of that fiery celestial ball, laughing at you from on high.

The Sun Hates You

"You are my bitch!"


So again, a quandry. How do I sate my childhood need to play outside with my need to enjoy engaging, interactive entertainment that has nothing to do with the skins of pigs or grids made of iron (unless I’m racing some sort of mechanical death machine across it) or generally any activity having to do with traditional organized sports. Well, in an effort to help those facing the same sort of conundrum (as well as the ones who feel bad for NOT facing that conundrum. Seriously, get off your ass and go outside) I have compiled a brief (and cheap) list of some time tried options that should suit your needs.

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