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Funky Shit Friday : The Antikythera Mechanism

Funky Shit Friday is where I’m, most every Friday, going to dig out and ramble on about some really neat, but really weird shit. Now when it comes to weird shit, there are some generalities you can come to expect. For example, weird medical stuff usually involves someone surviving some really awful gruesome injury, often self inflicted and often leaving the men in the audience gripping their family jewels in empathetic agony. Weird history stuff tends to be really cool, but only ever as cool as any coincidence could be. I suppose I could coincidentally be staying in the hotel room next door to where they’re filming “Ali Baba and the 40 Horny Co-eds” and just so happen to be walking by when they discover they need a new actor to play the head character? Oh yes, pun intended, and that would be a pretty cool coincidence.

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