Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hello World!

I know that saying that is corny, the default offering for most blogs and personal web spaces and such, but being that we are out here on the web where literally the entire world could see this if they wanted to. Not that they want to. Not even that I really want to. Writing for the entire world doesn’t sound fun at all. I mean, think of the people that would end up reading it. That, and I’m pretty sure Glenn Beck would cry himself to death if he were ever on the same mailing list as Kim Jong Il.

Glenn Beck Crying

He just finished watching the Wii U demo.

But the point is, here I am. Now let me explain to you why you should give a shit. I’m a “writer” who has made a living doing anything but up until this point. I’ve scrubbed toilets, flipped burgers, peddled scratched DVDs for Titanic Movie Rental (whose real name I won’t use for real fear of being sued into oblivion, but I’m sure the reference is clear). I even repossessed cars at one point. But I’ve never stopped writing. And sometimes coincidence produces strange bedfellows.

Enter Am-Hi-Co. These fine folks produce some damn fine products, the specifics of which I won’t get into other then offering you a link to their snazzy site with a big thumbs up. In my dealings with them, it came to pass (again, details aren’t important) that they expressed interest in my abilities and offered me small compensation to write, well, about whatever. Almost whatever, anyway. Entertaining whatever. So here is to you being entertained!